Thursday, 22 February 2018

Sons of Wrath - Lieutenant on Wings of Fire!

Hello Darkness my old friend,

To break up the advance of the Ravenwing, I thought I would jump back to my Primaris marines, the Sons of Wrath. This chap has been painted for a bit, though it was an overnight job to get ready for a battle report with Winters, so once he was done and played with I mostly just needed a nap!

I'm quite pleased with how he turned out, conversion and paint job. I used the Sanguinary guard wings as I had them spare and I just really like how they look, same goes for the odd jump pack exhaust contraption at the back. Lets not look too closely at logic and how it might work eh?

Just 3 models left to paint up to tabletop standard before I can field a full 2000 points of Primaris marines. I still have several bases to finish off, as you can see from above, but once that detail is polished I just need to go back and add battle damage as well as squad, rank and role signifiers to all the miniatures. Which will wait till I have got through some more Deathguard as well as some of my other more esoteric projects that have lain untouched for some time!

Peace out,


Monday, 19 February 2018

I got a Ticket for... Land Speeding... with A Vengeance!

All hail the pun,

Continuing the Ravenwing show and tell for day 2 of a few, here we have the land speeder contingent of the force. These ba***rds are fiddly as f**k to build. Did not enjoy them one bit, that said, they are pretty darn easy to paint compared to the much more, overall, detailed bikers. If I have the money spare at some point I may make a Land Speeder only army using the new landspeeder Ravenwing HQ. 

I know it won't be to everyone's cup of tea, but I really enjoy the bright orange glow of the engines and plasma. I think it adds some pop to the overall grim look of these models. As requested by the client everything should look like it has had the sh*t beaten out of it... How well I succeeded on that, compared to just looking, well amateurishly painted... eh I'll let you decide. 

I have conflicting feelings on how well I have painted these models to be honest. It is part of the reason the Ravenwing haven't been up on the blog at all. Sometimes I look at them and feel I have done a good job, and sometimes I get terrible anxiety that the owner will demand their money back for me ruining their miniatures. No fun! I do hope he likes them. 

Peace out,


Thursday, 15 February 2018

Ravenwing return - The Black Knights Ride

Hey hey hey,

As promised the Ravenwing have finally returned to the blog! They haven't been silent these past many months, progress has been solid and steady. Different from the previous Ravenwing and Deathwing, I also had to build these miniatures, and as such that has slowed the progress greatly. 

Here are the Black Knights that are nearly ready for the battlefield, they just need the bases finishing with some grass, which is currently waiting to be posted to me.

In addition to these, you'll be seeing some land speeders, flyers, elite choices that are all ready or nearly ready for them to be picked up. 

The only miniature that has yet to be started as I write this is, is the big bad man himself, Sammael. I've left him to the end as I want to give him my fullest attention over a weekend. These should be picked up a month from this post along with the Deathwing, and I am looking forward to someone playing with them!!

Peace out,


Monday, 12 February 2018

MOAR Nurgle - The Rot Continues

Hi there,

Soooo I may have said that there would be Ravenwing today... BUT I ended up forgetting to take pictures of it as I was brought low by general fatigue and just snoozed most of the weekend away... I regret nothing. That said, the Ravenwing is complete barring 3 models that have sat sulking for some time now... But as they are being picked up soon in March, they are on the painting block this week, now that I have caught up on some much needed sleep. 

In lieu of the Ravenwing I have some more Nurgle that has not seen the light of day yet (or a bath) so have at this for the time being. On my honour, Ravenwing will appear on Thursday, and there will be lots of them!

Peace out,