Thursday, 19 April 2018

The Aeldari Cometh!!

Hey hey hey,

So for those of you that are kind enough to read my blog with any regularity over the past 3 years, you'll remember that about a year ago or so (maybe a little more) I started putting together an Eldar/Aeldari army. Well that obviously went a little quiet with the release of 8th and getting stuck in with my Primaris army The Sons of Wrath, as well as rattling out Deathwing, Ravenwing and Deathguard to boot (Oh to be a butterfly).

Well, welly well well well! They return, with vengeance from a time long since past. I have actually been steadily accruing and building units here and there. The army is very much based around Wraith Constructs, and will as such be utilising the Iyanden craftworld trait. Here's a break down of what we have so far:



Wave Serpent 1:

Wraithlord 1:

Wraithlord 2:


I still need to purchase another Wave Serpent as well as 2 x Spiritseers and 15 x Rangers! If anyone wants to part with the older metal rangers for a reasonable price do let me know... I probably only actually need 1 x Spiritseer now due to the points cost increase in the recent FAQ, but I haven't yet checked that out. 

These guys are going to be painted in this scheme:

Which is actually pretty simple to do, I just need to clear real life plate business and sit down for a weekend to make tracks really. 

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Monday, 9 April 2018

Armiger Knight Estratus of Forgeworld Brakhus-Alpha

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So I am deep in my thesis writing, hence the lack of anything on here! But it is going well, and fingers crossed I will be submitted in a couple of months or so. Then I will sleep again! So, so tired...

Anyway, in my little spare time I have had, work has progressed on chipping paint and I finally had the courage to apply it to one of my brand new Armiger miniatures which was the whole point of the practise exercises. 

Overall, I'm pretty happy with how this came out. I have 3 more to paint in a similar style and I am confident that the execution should improve as I go along. In terms of bases, they will be having swamp styled bases that means I have to do some further practise with water effects, to create ankle deep water for at least a couple of the bases. So expect to see some practise work at some point.

With the final knight I was considering making a tutorial for how I did all of the painting and chipped/rust effects. But only if people would find that helpful, as lord above it slows down painting to take pictures of every (of the many many  many) stages. 

Would that be useful?

I still want to get some black weathering powder to apply to the ends of the melta weapons, but I haven't been able to make it to the hobby shop that sells it in town recently. 

Back to Deathguard after this Sojourn and then onto... Aeldari!

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Thursday, 29 March 2018

No Retreat 7 Application Complete!

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The No Retreat Tournament, run by the amazing guys over at SN Battle reports, is literally acclaimed worldwide for being an amazing tournament. The demand for places on this 42 person tournament is so high that you have to apply and be selected to compete!

I have long wanted to go to a No Retreat tournament and this year the stars have aligned to give me the time and money to go. However, I still need to be picked! The application process requires you to send some details about your hobby history and what you are up to these days, as well as send in some photos of your army. 

These pics are the ones I sent in and have a unit you haven't seen yet! Fingers crossed the marines are dressed to impress :P

I'm going to be sitting down and answering comments later today as well :) I have been snowed under with PhD work, both writing my thesis and some papers for publication recently that have sadly taken priority! I thank everyone who comments for your invaluable guidance and your patience with me :)

That said, then end is in sight for the PhD and hopefully it will be submitted in the next 2 months and I can show you what I have been working on, somewhat secretively...

Peace out,


Monday, 26 March 2018

Chipped Armour Practise - AK interactive - No Airbrush

Hey ya,

So! With the release of Fogebane I have 2 boxes opened in my flat with the mechanicus taking their place on my ever swelling to-do pile! I am keen to have this army look quite beaten up and spend a lot of time (too much time one might say) on their bases for a really characterful army. 

I'm not a huge fan of the painted on chipping damage myself, I will be making use of it for the Sons of Wrath (when I can be arsed) but I wanted to have a go with the old chipping methods that are described on the interwebs. 

The main problem with this is that they require and airbrush according to every damn tutorial I have watched, which is many. I'm not a big fan of airbrushes, I find that they homogenise the painting style of people that use them and have quite a samey quality. That said if I had the spare money and space to use one for the very few things like this then I would get one. As it is, I cannot justify the cost nor do I have a safe space to use one.

With that in mind I wanted to try using AK interactive Heavy Chipping Fluid by painting the fluid on AND crucially, painting the layer of paint over the top of it. As you can see at the top I have a couple of example that I did on some spare bits lying around. 

Test 1

This door was sprayed leadbecher and washed with nuln oil before I sprayed it with matt varnish. After the varnish I applied the AK interactive. Then I painted one side khorne red and the other side thousand sons blue. After that dried I applied water over the top of the paint then waited for it to work its way through. 

Then... I attacked! With a tootpick... I didn't have a spare toothbrush to hand as it was. After I had sated my paint rage I lacquered the door in dullcote, let it dry, and then painted all the additional layers and highlights on top. 


You can paint on top of the AK interactive, but you have to have almost zero paint on the brush, otherwise it starts too remove the chipping fluid immediately. Patience is key and a virtue in this regard. 

The chipping fluid itself tends to pool together, something about its viscosity and the varnish prevents it from being painted on in a seamless layer, so multiple applications were required. I think this issue would be absent when applying thinly from an airbush (le sigh). 

Test 2

With the shield, I wanted to have a look at a rustier type of chipping/weathering. I primed the shield black and then painted browns and oranges on the shield, too conservatively I think as it was. I could have gone for brighter tones which would have saved additional work later on. 

I also decided to see how it would work if I painted all the paint on apart from the final highlights before I started the chipping. So, after the varnish I applied the chipping fluid, let it dry, and then painted all of the purple and cream paints on top (with the same caveat of patience and little water). 

I then chipped away after some water with a toothpick and sealed it with lacquer. After sealing I highlighted the chips and added traditional rust effect. 


I'm happier with how the shield turned out to be honest, though I don't know if that's a factor of the colours or the rusted nature of it. 

I think a certain amount of the effect is just ensuring you get the chips in the right places, which I don't think I did with the door. The shield has less of a problem with this as it looks like it would take a battering from all angles. 


I'm happy that I can achieve this effect without an airbrush. BUT I am keen to try out hair spray instead of the AK interactive chipping fluid. I think this will give me a more consistent later over the under paint before I apply my top layers. 

Honestly, the biggest issue I had was actually applying the chipping fluid. Whilst painting over it required patience and thought, it wasn't all that difficult in the end, just don't use water and apply very slowly and in thin coats. Patience!

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated to distract me from my thesis and despair....

Peace out,


Thursday, 22 March 2018

Deathwing and Ravenwing Army Overviews + My Stupid Voice

Hey all,

So this is a short video going over the whole Dark Angels commission that I painted up, consisting of Deathwing and Ravenwing. The total points value for the entire batch is around 5600 points! I'm quite pleased with how they turned out in the end. 

Apologies for the slightly low lighting, I'm hoping to buy some better lighting soon-ish so that I can make more videos of this ilk. To that end, comments on the content and delivery would be welcomed. Apologies if I come off slightly weird, I'm certainly not a natural for this sort of media communication!!

Peace out,


Monday, 19 March 2018

Three Times Foetid Blight Drones and Finished Typhus!

Before the End Cometh Rot,

Greetings true believers! I have actually now completed by Primaris Army the Sons of Wrath such that each model is at the same standard and I now need to go that bit further with them and apply all the decals and battle damage as well as jet glow to them, before they can be considered truly complete. I will have pictures of the whole army in due course, as well as some close ups of the Plasma Inceptors and Primaris ancient that are the latest and final (for now) additions to the force. 

But for now they are going to sit on a sunny holiday in the gray foam of their carry case as I pursue additional projects both new (Mmmmm forgebane) and old!

At the present time I am trying to clear the final remnants of my work for Winters Seo and thus we have here the finished Typhus, now complete with blood, pus, guts and gore! In addition I have the final 3 foetid blight drones that have bee in my possession for some time. Two of these are not the ones that came in the Dark Imperium Box Set but are the stand alone set, and by golly they have some beautiful alternative face plates! These ones are also equipped with the Blight Launchers rather than the Plague Spitters. So much fun to be had with them. 

Apologies for the somewhat shoddy camerawork! These were taken in a great hurry before they were packed away and I ran for a train to drop them off at the esteemed Winters Seo's house (and engage in warfare of course!). I tried quite hard with all 7 of the blight drones that I painted to vary the scheme enough that they don't just look like replicates of each other. Mostly through fleshtone, but also horn colour and where I placed the brass versus steel coloured metals. 

Stay tuned for some close ups of the Primaris as well as a video overview of the Primaris AND all of of the Dark Angels. 

Peace out,


Monday, 12 March 2018

Quick Look - Typhus - Lord of Contagion

Hey all,

Super quick post today with limited hobby time over the past week as I've been going hell for leather at work, trying to publish a couple of papers. Spent some time on Mortarion's favoured son for Winters' End of All Things. Enjoy!

Peace out,