Tuesday, 13 June 2017

8th Edition Deathguard - Poxwalkers and DONE!

Good morrow,

Today I've got the final section of the Deathguard half of the Dark Millennium Starter box that is available of the shelves this Saturday - The Poxwalkers. If you want to check out the other parts of the set then you can click HERE for the Deathguard marines and HERE for the HQ choices and Plague Drone. You can also see them in plastic grey by clicking HERE.

The Poxwalkers are a marked step up in the humanisation of plague zombies that have been seen in the past. Previously you would have had to convert Imperial Guard miniatures or use Fantasy zombies for this role. Now, you have a smorgasbord of miniatures filled with personality of when the bearers were infected with the pox; ranging from mining overalls, to lab suits, to hazmat suits and oxygen canisters. 

I left these to paint till last as I was quite put off by the sheer diversity of colours required and the prevalence of bare flesh. Flesh painting is traditionally something I steer well clear of, but as it turns out, these were by far the easiest to paint of the lot! Despite there being 20 of them in total they took around 5 hours to finish up which was very satisfying as I was dreading another late finish after a full Friday evening and all Saturday day/night of painting. 

As the 20 miniatures are duplicates of 10 unique sculpts, I've only taken pictures of each unique sculpt for you to look over :)

So there you have the whole box set of Deathguard! They were a pleasure to paint, but that said I have to paint this batch another 3 times at least for a variety of people... Should keep me quite busy! Coming up soon as well should be pictures of the completed Deathwing force and progress being made on the Ravenwing. Tally ho!

Peace out,



  1. Fab and they look so effective but am I right in thinking relatively some to achieve?

    They'd also make cool Blood Bowl Nurgle players...

    1. Simple, not some! Damn autocorrect...

  2. It looks like they took the cultist's weapons from DV and just turned them all into clubs, how amusing.
    Very nice! Love how you've given them reminiscently human-coloured flesh, gives them a fraction more humanity and makes them all the more distressing.

  3. Lovely disgustingly gross work Rob!

  4. I love the ones with broken guns turned into clubs or axes, and the various misappropriated tools and stuff. The one in the labcoat, I definitely need multiples of, to convert into different variations like a whole lab section got turned or something :)

  5. Those are spectacular! Beautifully, disgustingly done!

  6. Awww, they are all so happy to be hideous mutant freaks!

    Nice job on the painting.