Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Hobby Space Bomb Site and Deathwing Land Raider - What a Difference a Day Makes

Hey ho,

Last night was one of those days when I looked at my desk and thought... I think I might be addicted... And I should really tidy this up! On my desk alone, we have Belisarius Cawl, 12 Imperial Militia, a mid-conversion Militia walkin Proteus, the Yncarne, a Culexus Assassin, a Wraithblade, Mortarion the Reaper and two Land Raiders!!

Yaaaaaay! Happy hobby space all round... But I will be tidying this up come the weekend I think! Saturday is going to be given over to tidying both the desk and also a few miniatures that are going to Warhammer Fest with me that just don't cut the mustard quite yet. The Yncarne's hair being one of those. Here's a few other snaps:

And in other news, you can see in the pictures above the progress I made last night on the second Deathwing Land Raider. Here's the last side by side picture I showed you:

And here is the side by side after an evening of work:

Obviously the lighting isn't as good! But I'm pleased with how far that came. All the highlights are needed now! Then I can work on the peripherals, once this beast is done, I just need to finish the bases off for the Deathwing termies and then you'll get a shot of the whole force :)

Peace out,



  1. Wow, I know I'm not a tidy man, but even I couldn't work like that! Still, your results show that it doesn't affect the quality of what you're doing!

    Deathwind landies are coming along really nicely too, good luck at WFest!

  2. Oh wow, that is quite the hobby explosion. Good luck making sense out of it.

  3. I should photograph my 'nest' as evidence. The Ravenwing really do promote a disregard for an uncultured work space.

    1. 'Ravenwing'

      Pfft. You spelled 'the bloody hobby' wrong, mate.

  4. I finally got my table reasonably clear a couple of weeks ago. My place had been getting so overfull that I didn't have room to stick things for a moment while I worked out a good place for them, so it had been months where I could barely even see the table. So nice to actually have a workspace again.

  5. Great progress with the Landraider mate. My hobby room got so bad it led me to declaring a truce on my buying until I've done some of the to do pile! Still going strong, only one purchase this year and that was straight on the painted and done table!

  6. Can't see anything wrong with that desk, I've paint pots teetering on the edge, of a full open draw, and because space is at a premium I've got a gorkanaut resting on a yet to be covered/ looted Mark 1 land raider!Just out of interest what is the grey German walkie thing?