Saturday, 27 May 2017

BREAKING NEWS - Horus Heresy Staying with 7th Edition!?

Hey guys,

The slide says it all, a modified 7th edition rulebook tailored specifically for the Horus Heresy. I genuinely did not see this coming and was very convinced that 8th edition would be used with the Horus Heresy AND that it would be a brilliant move for the game overall. 

Obviously this doesn't mean this will be a bad move, so I shall remain optimistic with how they will modify 7th edition to remove the problem of things like the psychic phase particularly.

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  1. I agree, it would have been a brilliant move. Having disliked 7th Ed for a while now I cannot share your optimism though unfortunately

  2. Couldn't disagree more, NafNaf. This is what I was dreaming of but had no hopes of ever getting. I know a lot of folks in the same category. Unless you play psykers, AoD fixed all the problems of 7th and brought greater balance than any previous 40k iteration. Period.

  3. I will remain cautiously optimistic and look forward to what the FAQ will cover.

    Interesting to see if this covers HH for the foreseeable future or just until 8'th can be adapted to 30k

  4. Mixed feelings on this personally. I genuinely still want to play against 40k armies with 30k lists -- it is not obvious how that will work at this point in time. Some aspects of the new system seem good, whilst aspects of 7th also seem good … both have pro's and con's. So torn!

    1. Daemons are being added in Angellus (Book 8) maybe we see some sort of Eldar/Orks down the road but those are really the only non human armies that translate from 40k to 30k. Necrons are found sleeping by Ultrasmurfs at 1 point but the Warpstorm is what really begins their awakening process at the END of the Heresy and into the Scouring.

      It might be cool if we saw some of the other empires of that time but most were taken out in just a few chapters in the novels.

      You could still use the 7th ed Codexes if you really wanted too but its already not balanced with 30k what so ever.

  5. I think this is good news. Very happy. They have the chance to streamline 7th and then we'll hopefully have a tactical game for veteran gamers to take its place in GW's game portfolio.

  6. This is the death knell of heresy for me I'm afraid, I was already negative about the variety you see in competition lists, so not taking the opportunity to sort out the relationship between heresy and 40k is a massive own goal in my opinion. Each to their own of course, but I'll be finishing off Eidolon as a display piece and ditching the rest of my collection until such time as they adapt things for 8th, I'd love to start a blood angels collection but I don't want to have to buy another rule book and learn yet another set of rules.

  7. I'm sorry to all of you that are disappointed, but this is legitimately the best news all day. Only a very small portion of the 30k community even wants "competetive" 30k anyways. 30k holds its own as more of a historical wargame as opposed to a tournament power game and it should stay that way. Most of the successful 30k events at tournaments are not WAAC tournies like 40k, but rather narrative events with story driven missions rather than "ooo I figured out how to break the game."

    You can have your more streamlined tournament 8th ed game where Drop Pods come in a minimum of 9" away from enemy units and can then attack things with its flappy doors. You can have your 25 wound Imperial Knights that can be killed by flashlights. You can have pulling whatever dead models you want even if they were out of LoS. We don't need 2 versions of that game (3 if you include Sigmar).

    30k is fine where it is and honestly I think it holds up better than standard 7th ed. All units scoring is stupid, Troops should have a purpose. They Shall Know No Fear not being a thing fixes so many things.

    Feel free to enjoy 8th Ed tournaments all streamlined and homogenized but let 30k keep the soul and the spirit of the lore alive as it does now.

  8. A shame really and not quite understandable given that FW took the time to convert all units to 8th Ed.

    I for one am one of the few collectors of HH models in my area. We are not numerous enough to have a thriving community of our own and we're grateful to be able to play against 40k players.

    This decision puts all my projects on hold and mean no longer spending money on HH